On July 19, GMD was invited on the live dialog programme in African Independent Television (AIT) on the subject of China's experience in fighting the Covid-19 and views on related issues.

The main contents are as follows:

1. China experience sharing

The Chinese government's decisive fight against the pandemic based on science is a very important experience. During the pandemic prevention and control period, China's communities have unprecedented unity and extensive participation in joint prevention and control, providing an important guarantee for effective pandemic control.

2. Pathogen analysis

Respect science, follow up patient 0 and wait for the results. It is irrational to regard China as a scapegoat for this pandemic. The lack of global unity in response to the pandemic is a threat to everyone.

3. Whistleblower and pandemic response and response mechanism

The result tests everything. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19, China has rapidly mobilized the entire country, from medical staff, civil servants and military personnel, to volunteers and ordinary people, to respond to the pandemic in their respective positions. The hard work and spiritual outlook of the Chinese people show the power of unity.

4. Views on different views and measures to fight the pandemic

Freedom is principled, and China’s effective prevention and control measures have bought time for other countries to fight the pandemic. The measures taken by China are very strict, which is necessary. The reason why China is able to contain the pandemic is mainly due to these powerful measures. Always put the people's life safety and health first. This is China's first principle in responding to the pandemic. The great sacrifices made by the people of Wuhan and Hubei have made important contributions not only to China, but also to the world's fight against the pandemic.

Relevant measures have brought a certain impact on the Chinese economy, but these measures are all aimed at containing the pandemic as soon as possible, saving lives, and restoring normal economic and social order as soon as possible.

Under the premise that the pandemic prevention and control is not relaxed, China is making every effort to resume work and production and restore the economy, which will alleviate the impact of the pandemic on the world economy.

5. Exchange of views on Nigeria-China relations and other aspects.

GMD mentioned that at a critical time when the Chinese people are fighting the pandemic, the Nigerian country and people have given strong solidarity and support, which we will bear in mind.

Regarding some media reports of discriminatory practices against Africans in Guangdong and other places, GMD emphasized that the Chinese people are hospitable, the country and people treat all foreigners in China equally, and there is zero tolerance for discriminatory words and deeds.

Countries around the world have adopted a series of control measures in response to the pandemic. The most urgent task facing China in the fight against the pandemic is to prevent overseas imports and domestic rebounds. This requires the common understanding, support and cooperation of Chinese citizens and foreign personnel in China. As for some situations and misunderstandings in the process of implementing relevant measures, China has improved its working mechanisms and methods. At the same time, it also hopes that all foreigners in China will strictly abide by local pandemic prevention regulations, cooperate and support China in its pandemic prevention and control work through joint efforts. To win the final victory in the fight against the pandemic.


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